Help & Support

This is the place, where you can request help from our team. As our client you are entitled to free support, following the conditions defined in our Support policy.

Your problem might have been solved

There is a great chance that somebody has already had this problem and it’s been solved.

Help us help you!

In order to be able to solve your issues as quickly as possible, please, provide us with some heads-up in this format:

  • Almost all problems require us to change OMF files. To save some of your time, provide us with your FTP username and password when you contact us. This will ensure that your problem is solved faster.
  • You can also send a screenshot, highlighting the areas where your problem is.
  • If your OpenCart code has been modified, please, make sure to mention this.

Worried about giving FTP access?

If your site is still under construction, please, contact us after you have finished working on your desktop site. This way all of your problems will be solved at once.

Thank you!

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