Upgrading OMF v1.x to v2.x

  1. Before you upgrade(prep-steps)

    1. Go to OpenCart Admin>Extensions>Modules and click Edit for OpenCart Mobile Framework Administration. On the “Compatibility” tab, note which patches are enabled right now(if there are any).
    2. Make copies of the files /vqmod/xml/zzz_omf_catalog.xml and /vqmod/xml/zzz_omf_system.xml to keep any changes/customizations that have been made previously.
  2. Download the upgrade

    Login to http://opencart.com or http://gumroad.com, depending on which site you used to purchase the extension. Download the latest upgrade for your version of OpenCart.

  3. Run the OMF setup script

    To do this, type http://yourwebsite.com/omf_install in your browser. Replace yourwebsite.com with the actual address of your website.

  4. Customize your mobile theme

    Use the “Advanced customization” tab in the new OMF Administration panel to change the mobile theme colours.

    Please note: If you have modified any template files, you have to transfer the changes manually to the new mobile templates. OMF v2.0 isn’t compatible with the old mobile theme.

  5. Enable the patches again

    Enable again the patches you noted in step 1. of the prep-steps.

OpenCart Mobile Theme + Extension