Upgrading OMF Basic to OMF Multi-store

If you or someone else has manually modified any of the OMF files, please back up first. Otherwise you can skip to step 2:

  1. Step 1: Back up.

    1. Go to catalog/view/theme.
    2. Rename the the omf2 directory to omf2-old.
    3. Rename the the omf2-min directory to omf2-min-old.
    4. Go to vqmod/xml
    5. Rename the file zzz_omf_catalog.xml to zzz_omf_catalog.xml.old
  2. Step 2: Upload the extension.

    1. Unzip the installation archive
    2. Upload the contents of the upload folder to the main directory of your store.
      [TK screen]
    3. Agree to overwrite files when you're asked to (OMF will only overwrite its own files)
      [TK screen]
    4. Run the OMF installation script: Go to http://yourstore.com/omf_install

Please note: To take advantage of the speed boosting technology, please make sure the “Speed up the mobile site” setting is enabled in the OMF Administration.

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