Step 1: Install vQmod

Before you install OMFramework, you need vQmod.
Get it from here:

When you’re done, check if you installed it successfully by typing

Please note, that OpenCart, OMF and vQmod go side by side and it’s a good practice to always update all of them when updating OpenCart.

Step 2: Upload OMFramework

After you’ve downloaded OMF, unzip and copy the contents of the upload directory to the OpenCart directory on your server

Do not worry about overwriting files! None of your data will be lost. OMF will only replace its own files (left from OMF Lite or previous versions).

Step 3: Install or upgrade OMF

In both cases, you have to run the installation script. In your browser, type this address:

Replace with the actual address of your website. If everything goes well, you will see a success message, when the installation is complete.

If you get an error message when running the script

It might be because your admin folder is renamed:

Step 4: Compatibility

If you’re using OpenCart 1.5.1

Please make sure that you’ve downloaded a version of OMF that supports OpenCart 1.5.1, e.g. OMF v1.x.

If you’re using a caching/page speed extension

Not all caching extensions are built to handle mobile sites by default. Some of them might cause the mobile site to appear on a desktop computer or the desktop site to appear on a mobile device.

Currently, OMFramework works 100% with Jay Gilford’s Page Cache. To enable caching on the mobile site with this extension, please, follow the instructions here:

If you’re using the Nitro caching extension and you have issues on the mobile site, please, try the solution in this article:

If you’re using other third-party extensions and/or a custom theme

If you have a specific desktop theme installed (e.g. Shoppica) and OMF doesn’t look or behave like the demo, you might need a compatibility patch. This article will help you apply the necessary patches:

Step 5: Customization

To configure OMFramework and customize your mobile theme, use the OMF Administration panel. Here’s how to configure the OMF settings in a single store setup and in a multi-store setup.


The awesome icons used in the navigation are from Entypo.

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