Most common customizations

If you have a multi-lingual website, you might want to translate OMF in your language.

Using a custom mobile theme

Since OMF v2.0 you are able to change the colours of the mobile theme via the OMF admin panel.

Using desktop modules on the mobile site

Since OMF v2.0 you can enable desktop modules on the mobile site. Use the OMF Administration panel to do this.

Advanced customization

Modifying the templates

You can tweak the layout of OMF by modifying the mobile templates. With its current structure, you can override any part of the default mobile theme just by copying only the file you would like to change to your theme folder. The rest will be loaded from the omf template.

Integrating third-party extensions

If you would like to have a desktop OpenCart extension on your mobile site, you can refer a developer to this guide to integrating third-party extensions.

Want more? Check out the step-by-step customization tips in our Help Center.

OpenCart Mobile Theme + Extension