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OpenCart Multi-Store: Different Prices for the Same Product

In the official OpenCart documentation, you will read the following:

You can set different prices for each store you have setup.

This sentence suggests that you can enter multiple prices for one product. But there is only 1 “Price” field, no matter how many stores you have.

So, is this possible at all?


Let's see how you can … Continue Reading ››

How to Disable a vQmod Extension Temporarily

Sometimes, after installing a new vQmod extension, you will get a blank screen or a terrifying error message. And, what is worse, sometimes these error messages seem to appear out of the blue. The good news is that you can easily disable vQmod extensions and it will be like they were never installed. You don't actually … Continue Reading ››

How to Remove the Ex Tax Price in OpenCart

This seems to be a common problem for many store owners. The solution is actually simpler than modifying the OpenCart templates. Here's how you can hide the “Ex tax” price:
  1. Log on to the OpenCart Admin
  2. Go to System>Settings and click “Edit” for your store.
  3. On the “Option” tab make sure that “Display Prices With Tax” is set to … Continue Reading ››