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OpenCart Multi-Store: Different Prices for the Same Product

In the official OpenCart documentation, you will read the following:

You can set different prices for each store you have setup.

This sentence suggests that you can enter multiple prices for one product. But there is only 1 “Price” field, no matter how many stores you have.

So, is this possible at all?


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Extensions compatible with OpenCart Mobile Framework out-of-the-box

Creating an OpenCart extension is one thing, but then there comes the problem of supporting other third-party extensions. Though vQmod does offer a neat way to patch core OpenCart files on the fly, different extensions patching the same file can become a problem.
We spend 50% of the support time on such issues, which … Continue Reading ››

OpenCart language error: Could not load language…

OpenCart language errors can be hard to tackle sometimes, because there can be many possible causes. What you need to do first is remember very well what you have changed recently and you’ll know where to look.

Possible causes and solutions

You have missing language file(s)

Example error message goes like this
Error: Could not load language english/common/header!

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