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vQmod Script for OpenCart Extension back-end demo

This blog is mainly about OpenCart issues, tips, tricks and basically the most interesting bits of the stuff that I deal with. Today I'll take on a slightly different perspective. This article will be most useful to extension developers

I wanted to showcase the admin panel of OpenCart … Continue Reading ››


OpenCart language error: Could not load language…

OpenCart language errors can be hard to tackle sometimes, because there can be many possible causes. What you need to do first is remember very well what you have changed recently and you’ll know where to look.

Possible causes and solutions

You have missing language file(s)

Example error message goes like this
Error: Could not load language english/common/header!

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Troubleshooting OpenCart’s .htaccess file Pt. 2

    Fumbling through support tickets is always an interesting task. You can come across situations you've never thought of. Like it happened to us, just yesterday.

    What happened?

    The server refused to execute a php file , which prevented OpenCart Mobile Framework from displaying styles on the mobile page of the webshop. We've had this … Continue Reading ››

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