How to add a language pack in OpenCart

Here's how to add a language in OpenCart step-by-step:

  1. Download the language pack you need. You can search the OpenCart marketplace. Don't close this browser tab.
  2. Unzip it an upload the files to your main shop directory. Note: If there is an upload folder inside the archive, upload the contents of that folder, not the … Continue Reading ››

1 More Action Item To Improve Your Ecommerce Sales Quickly

In the previous article of this series, I told you about micro-targeting.

A quick recap: Micro-targeting is about appealing to the smallest possible niche(s) in your industry. e.g. Instead of targeting “young women”, you could be targeting “young women aged 18–20 who wear plus-size clothes”.

Real world micro-targeting

The next step in putting micro-targeting to … Continue Reading ››

4 Action items to improve your ecommerce sales quickly

Want higher conversion rates for your ecommerce store?

I have 1 word for you: micro-targeting!

What is micro-targeting about?

You and I know the competition in ecommerce is tremendous. A great way for you to establish online territory (and increase your conversion rate) quickly is by aiming for the smallest possible territories (niches). The chance that … Continue Reading ››

How to Install an Extension In OpenCart

This tutorial might see a bit lengthy, but I promise you that you have to go through these steps only once. Installation of OpenCart extensions after that will be a breeze!

  1. Download the extension installation archive. It's usually a .zip file. For example, download OMFramework Lite (a free mobile OpenCart theme).
  2. Unzip the installation archive to … Continue Reading ››

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