You Might Be Losing Mobile Traffic From Google. Test Your OpenCart Store to Find Out.

Any change in the Google search algorhithms concerns you as a store owner. The latest change is the "Mobile-friendly" label in search results. As you might guess, Google is trying to make the mobile user experience better and the ultimate goal is to show only mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results.

This means that soon your potential mobile customers might be unable to find you. Just because your website isn't mobile-friendly.

How to find out if your OpenCart store is mobile-friendly?

Go to the official Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool:

If everything is alright, you will see a success message like the one I got for the OpenCart Mobile Framework demo:

The Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool
The Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Also, if your website passes the test above, people searching through Google on a smartphone will see a "Mobile-Friendly" label below the website name. Like this:

The "Mobile-friendly" label that appears in search results
The “Mobile-friendly” label that appears in search results

Does it affect your SEO?

It's still a new feature of Google, but they are clearly stating that whether a website is mobile-friendly can become a ranking factor in the future. Citing directly from Google:

We see these labels as a first step in helping mobile users to have a better mobile web experience. We are also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal.

What can you do if your website doesn’t pass the test?

Get our free mobile OpenCart theme to fix this problem in the next 15 minutes.

And if you want a long-term solution for your OpenCart store, consider purchasing a mobile theme.

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