1 More Action Item To Improve Your Ecommerce Sales Quickly

In the previous article of this series, I told you about micro-targeting.

A quick recap:
Micro-targeting is about appealing to the smallest possible niche(s) in your industry. e.g. Instead of targeting “young women”, you could be targeting “young women aged 18–20 who wear plus-size clothes”.

Real world micro-targeting

The next step in putting micro-targeting to practice is improving your potential customers' experience so that they feel like the website is the go-to shopping place for them.

The best experiences with an ecommerce store are the invisible ones—the customer finds exactly what they are looking for quickly, effortlessly adds it to the cart and checks out. Nothing should get in their way.

For a great (invisible) shopping experience:

  1. Products have to be exactly what your audience is looking for
  2. The website design (template) has to appeal to the audience and correspond to the types of products you're selling.
  3. The promotions have to be tailored to the audience.

Let's say you're selling backpacks and you're targeting “young men aged 20–25 who are gadget lovers” and “elementary school kids' parents”.

You'll have the following issues which will prevent you from creating a great shopping experience:

  1. Products. Your first audience wouldn't care about schoolbags. So, this category of products will just get in their way while shopping.
  2. Website design. A black-and-white theme will be suitable for selling gadgets. But for your parents audience you'll probably choose more vibrant colours associated with children.
  3. Promotions. Again, your gadget lover audience don't care about schoolbags promotions. Such ads will just be irrelevant information, noise.

So, what can you do to make your website the preferred choice for the different niches?

Create multiple stores for each of the niches you're targeting.

Which brings us to:

Micro-targeting action item #5: Create an OpenCart multi-store

It takes no more than 15 minutes. Follow this tutorial here: http://omframework.com/2014/11/12/how-to-create-an-opencart-multi-store/

What's next?

In the next article of this series I'll talk about personalizing the shopping experience even further—how to choose a theme for each of your stores, how to add promotional banners in OpenCart and so on.

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