How to Add a Banner in OpenCart

  1. Go to System>Design>Banners
    OpenCart Banners menu
    OpenCart Banners menu
  2. Click "Insert" to add a new set of banners. Enter a banner name.
  3. Click on "Add banner" and fill in the form
    OpenCart insert a banner page
    OpenCart insert a banner page

    Tip: If you want the banner to point to a category, go to your website, click on the category and copy the link address from your browser. If you want the banner to link to a product, go to the page of the product and copy its link. Then paste the address into the "Link" field.

    When you're finished adding banners click "Save".
  4. Now, go to Extensions>Modules
    OpenCart Modules menu
    OpenCart Modules menu
  5. Click "Edit" For the Slideshow module
  6. Click "Add module"
  7. Enter the following settings:
  • Banner: The one you just created
  • Size: 500×280 (This works great for the default theme)
  • Layout: Home (To show it on the front page)
  • Position: Content Top
  • Status: Enabled
  • Sort order: 1 (This will make your Slideshow banner appear first, if there are other modules set to “Content Top”)

OpenCart Slideshow module setup
OpenCart Slideshow module setup

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