How to Disable a vQmod Extension Temporarily

Sometimes, after installing a new vQmod extension, you will get a blank screen or a terrifying error message. And, what is worse, sometimes these error messages seem to appear out of the blue.

The good news is that you can easily disable vQmod extensions and it will be like they were never installed. You don’t actually need to delete the extension files.

If you don’t know which one the offending extension is, you can disable all of them. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your FTP server
  2. Go to the vqmod/xml directory
  3. Create a new folder inside of it and call it disabled. So, now you’ll have a vqmod/xml/disabled directory
    FileZilla Client connected to an OpenCart website
    FileZilla Client connected to an OpenCart website
  4. Select all files in the vqmod/xml directory, without the file vqmod_opencart.xml. This is very important. Otherwise, you’ll disable vQmod itself
    Disabling vQmod extensions
    Disabling vQmod extensions
  5. Move the selected files into the vqmod/xml/disabled directory
  6. If you’re using any caching extensions, go to your OpenCart dashboard and clear the website cache. Then reload your website.
  7. To enable the extensions again, just move the files one by one from the vqmod/xml/disabled directory to the vqmod/xml directory. Refresh your website after you enable each extension. This way you can find the one that has broken your OpenCart store and contact the extension developer or just remove the extension.

Bonus tip! After you have brought back your store from the dead, you can install the vQmod manager, so that you can install/uninstall and delete vQmod extension easily from your OpenCart dashboard.

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