OMF Basic 1.6.0 released

The new update to OpenCart Mobile Framework is here. You will find a handful of new features, improvements to existing ones and, of course, the usual portion of bugfixes. OpenCart 1.5.6 is now officially supported.

What’s new?

The most exciting side of a release is the new stuff. So, let’s take a quick look at it.

Installation script

First-time users will find this extremely convenient. The installation script performs some initial setup, which had to be done manually until now. It also checks for common errors to ensure that you’ll have as few problems as possible.

Product images are now swipe-able

This is probably one of the most anticipated features. It has finally been added and it’s official—you can swipe through product images! But that’s not all. All product images are now organized in a neat mobile gallery.

New mobile modules

Several mobile-optimized modules accompany the new version of OpenCart Mobile Framework. You can now use the Specials mobile module to promote your discounts, the Latest mobile module to boast the new additions to your online store or the Bestsellers mobile module to list your most popular items. The other two modules are mobile versions of the Information module and the Welcome module.

More compatibility patches

Adding new patches has become a tradition as persistent as bugfixing. Sometimes third-party extensions and even themes conflict with OMF. Every time there is a conflict, the fix is documented and added to the collection. The latest additions include patches for OC Advanced module settings, iCustomFooter, Jay Gilford’s Caching mod and OneCheckout by bingo.

With the new release OpenCart Mobile Framework has become even more versatile. Installation and compatibility have been improved again. The new modules give you the opportunity to optimize your content specially for your mobile visitors.

Stay tuned for our future projects. We’ve got lots of interesting stuff up our sleeves! 😉

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