Extensions compatible with OpenCart Mobile Framework out-of-the-box

Creating an OpenCart extension is one thing, but then there comes the problem of supporting other third-party extensions. Though vQmod does offer a neat way to patch core OpenCart files on the fly, different extensions patching the same file can become a problem.

We spend 50% of the support time on such issues, which means that there is a great need for better compatibility between extensions.

That’s why we’ve taken on a brand-new perspective: trying to collaborate with other extension developers and make OpenCart Mobile Framework compatible with more extensions out-of-the-box.

This will definitely be a long process, but OpenCart Mobile Framework is already compatible with a number of extensions.

It’s important to clarify what “compatibility” means:

  1. Some extensions work on the mobile site, which means that their functionality is available on the mobile site
  2. Some extensions work side-by-side with the mobile site, meaning that we’ve taken care that they don’t cause any problems. Their functionality won’t be available on the mobile site.

CMSs/Modified versions of OpenCart that work with OMF

Extensions that work side-by-side with the mobile site

Extensions that work ON the mobile site

  • Any desktop checkout extension
  • Any payment gateway
  • Any desktop content module
    You can enable your desktop modules the mobile site via the OMF Administration.
  • OpenCart Page Cache
    For those of your who are looking to make their websites even faster on mobile and desktop, we recommend Jay Gilford’s excellent OpenCart Page Cache.
  • Ajax Quick Checkout
    This is one of the most popular checkout extensions. We really liked it and made it compatible with with OpenCart Mobile Framework.
  • Product colour option
    If the colour option is an absolute must for your store and you want it on both desktop and mobile sites, we recommend this extension, which works with OMF out-of-the-box.
  • Colour Series
    Want to go further and show-off your products in different colours? You can also have this on mobile!
  • Customer Username
    If you want to let your customers pick a username, instead of leaving an e-mail, try this extension.
  • Corner images PRO by privatemtx*
  • Blog manager
  • Customer Account Icons (Please follow the instructions here)
  • NitroPack. (Needs a bit of configuration)
  • iCustomFooter*
  • Options Price Update Redux (Please follow the instructions here)
  • Pinterest Rich Pin Plug-In Extension v1.1.*
  • Size Chart by tymon*

* You have to upload an addional file to get this extension working. Please contact our support team and ask for the integration.

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